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“Silver Jackson is just one of the musical aliases of Sitka, Alaska-born visual artist and multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Galanin. Though he has crafted politically-charged hip-hop as Indian Nick and has been called “a battered old soldier in the customary and contemporary art world” by Decoy Magazine for his extensive artisan and conceptual work, Silver Jackson’s hazy, eclectic experimental folk shows a side of Galanin that is content and comfortable with the beautifully chaotic nature of these trades.
It’s Glimmering Now, Jackson’s latest full-length, features a diverse mix of styles, textures, and moods, and includes production and/or appearances from OCNotes, Budo, P Smoov (Mad Rad/Fresh Espresso), Nat Baldwin (Dirty Projectors), and Micah Middaugh and Trevor Hobbs (Breathe Owl Breathe). Released on Galanin’s co-owned label Homeskillet Records, the album blends traditional acoustic elements – airy vocal harmonies, bluesy guitar strums and ballad-style fingerpicking – with sparse, spacious drum samples and washes of electronic tones and effects. Seemingly unsatisfied with normal singer/songwriter conventions, Jackson goes beyond a casual lo-fi crooner approach with pushes into moodier sonic territory that echo his past hip-hop projects, but never stray from his distinct vision. It’s Glimmering Now is a love letter and thank you note to friends and family, and another cohesive expression from an artist unafraid to follow his instincts.” -Mike Ramos

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Stones Throw from HomeSkillet Records on Vimeo.

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